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All show the foolishness of parents and children in different ways and quite often the character who thinks he or she is the wisest is in fact shown to be the most ignorant. As young people struggle for self-definition they can frequently be callous and blind to the wisdom of their elders but older people can also be blind to the wisdom of the young. This is illustrated most starkly in "Everyday Use" by Alice Walker, where the protagonist's eldest daughter Dee believes herself to have become highly educated and aware at college because of her adoption of her Afrocentric lifestyle. Walker, by narrating the story through the eyes of Dee's motherdemonstrates how affected and ignorant this new identity really is.

183085 essay

In the period between and 21 per cent of the pending ICC 183085 essay involved three or more parties. Contract practice as reflected by these figures shows that frequently there are more than two parties involved in international transactions.

The question that frequently arises is whether an arbitrator may join cases, and in which circumstances they should do so. Joinder and consolidation of parallel or connected proceedings are commonly found in litigation. The main argument against them is that arbitration rests on consensus.

If neglected, these factors open the door for challenging the award at the place of arbitration, and recognition and enforcement of the award might also be denied. As stated above, national judges can join third 183085 essay or consolidate related litigation. The question arises whether an arbitrator can join cases.

Then situations will be examined under which an arbitrator should join cases. Finally alternatives to joinder will be discussed. When Can an Arbitrator Join Cases a Joinder and Consolidation Consolidation denotes the act or process of uniting several arbitrations, which are pending or initiated, into one hearing before the same panel of arbitrator s.

In the following, two questions will be dealt with. First, when are joinder and consolidation possible; secondly, who can order joinder and consolidation. A restriction to this is, however, specific State legislation and case law at the place of arbitration. In other words, while generally joinder and consolidation are only possible when all the parties agree, specific legislation and case law may provide for joinder and consolidation against the will of — at least one of — the parties.

Hence, one must start from an interpretation of the parties' intent in the case in question.

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Consent can be either express, implied or by reference to arbitration rules which provide for joinder. It is necessary in this context to analyse the arbitration law and the applicable case law at the place of arbitration. Consent may also be implicit, or by reference to arbitration rules in the arbitration agreement; without the parties' consent, State legislation and case law in the lex arbitri might allow joinder and consolidation.

The problems regarding the composition of the arbitral tribunal in cases where joinder is ordered will be discussed infra. Depending on the individual case, either the appointing authority or the arbitral tribunal may join cases. It is also relevant at which point of time consent is reached.

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Excerpt from Essay: Coming of Age: Hard Lessons Learned in the Short Stories of Walker, Tan, And Bambara Coming of age themes are present in many short stories. The short stories "Everyday Use" by Alice Walker, "Two Kinds" by Amy Tan and like "The Lesson" by Toni Cade Bambara, are dependent upon a comparison between the values of old and young.

View this essay on Coming of Age Hard Lessons Learned in. Coming of age themes are present in many short stories The short stories Everyday Use by Alice Walker.

183085 essay


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