Academic writing practice for ielts ebook download

You can choose between the Academic Module or the General Training Module so you only study exactly what you need for your test.

Academic writing practice for ielts ebook download

What according to you is essential? Request a friend or a teacher who is very good at the English dialect or who might be a local speaker to assist you. This will help you to find your weaknesses and shortcomings and eventually help you improve.

Once you are aware of your weak areas, it will become easy for you to pay attention to that particular area and score better. Write and Revise What do you understand by this? Once you have written the paragraph, read it once, and then move to the next paragraph.

This is not the waste of time but it will save your time later. Reading the paragraph will allow you to link your paragraphs to each other. Also, it makes it easier for you to select the words for the upcoming paragraph. It will enhance the consistency if you use some of the previous words.

It is possible to write an essay and miss some good and important ideas. LinguaSoft experts suggest you to choose your paramount thought and write on it.

You can miss out some of the ideas. Just stress on the clarity of the ideas, not on the quantity.

academic writing practice for ielts ebook download

One of the problems that candidates face in the exam is that they find it difficult to look for the ideas. But you know, this is not a problem at all. One should write on the topics that are simple. LinguaSoft Experts suggest you to think of the topics that you know and write your views and opinions on that.

Easy to Write Instances in Place of Explanation During the exam, a person undergoes a lot of pressure. In that case, a person is required to make things easy for himself.

The only way to reduce the amount of pressure is to concentrate equally on the explanations and include instances in your writing. When one is under pressure, it becomes a lot tougher and trickier for him to come up with the ideas and logics. LinguaSoft experts suggest that a person should focus on the examples as well.

Understanding a particular text with the help of examples is easier as compared to the text without examples. Give relevant examples along with the main idea.

An examiner will not spend his time in reading all the matter you have mentioned in your test. It is quite possible that he might read all the unimportant points that you have mentioned and you might not get full marks. Also, a person is more likely to make mistakes if he writes more.IELTS Listening practice tests.

The Listening test is the same for both Academic and General Training tests. During the listening exam, you will hear several recordings which may have Australian, British, or North-American accents. A Cambridge IELTS Book 1 practice test contains 4 complete practice tests for Academic Module of IELTS examination as well as reading and writing sections for the General Training Module IELTS .

Hello and welcome. More practice before test day? Here you can download up to 10 complete practice tests for Academic or General IELTS or individual modules to match your needs.

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Free Download IELTS Preparation and Practice Reading & Writing General Ebook At the beginning of each chapter there is a Demonstration to show you how a skilled reader and writer of English would answer the questions quickly and confidently.

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