Advanced metal forming and casting

MIM is a repeatable process for complex components made from high-temperature alloys. MIM parts are near fully dense, which provides excellent mechanical, magnetic, corrosion, and hermetic sealing properties, and allows secondary operations like plating, heat treating, and machining to be easily performed. Complex shapes are achieved through innovative tooling techniques similar to those used in the plastic injection molding industry. High volumes are attained through multi-cavity tooling.

Advanced metal forming and casting

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For 35 years, our company has been working in the engineering industry. Always the goal in mind, independent and flexible manufacture our workpieces and to expand our product range, we manufacture to the highest quality standards and precision. With a modern and versatile machinery, we offer our customers experience and commitment in the development and production of their mission.

Advanced metal forming and casting

Our handicraft business with about 20 employees specializing in the manufacture of parts, components and assemblies; manufacture both single and serial production are possible. We process a wide variety of metals and plastics - from 3D - CAD - design to the finished product.

We design and manufacture - take your product ready for installation in reception, thus saving costs and time.

Advanced metal forming and casting

As an experienced Hertseller of turned and milled parts in machinery and mold with a variety of materials, we guarantee quality, precision and flexibility.

With CNC machines from renowned manufacturers in the field of machining, we produce from prototype to series production of technically demanding parts with consistent quality in 2D and 3D.

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Our modern CNC lathes are equipped with automatic bar feeder, driven tools, Y-axis and sub-spindle, so they allow the individual and series production of complex parts in a single pass. New in our machine park is a 5 - axis "Millturn" machining center with which we completely finished workpieces in one set-up, which leads to a significant reduction of the idle times and the precision significantly increases.

With corresponding 5 - a pallet exchange system and a total of 90 tool places, we are well prepared for series production.Home > Links & Resources > Associations.


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Metal Techniques for Craftsmen: A Basic Manual for Craftsmen on the Methods of Forming and Decorating Metals -with Illustrations [Oppi Untracht] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An illustrated guide offers step-bystep instructions in forming, fabricating, and finishing metal .

From the scrap yard to shipping, General Kinematics foundry equipment has a solution Industry Leaders · Contact Us 24/7/ · Available Internationally · After-Sale PartsTypes: Foundry Equipment, Resource Recovery, Mining Innovations.

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Bulk forming and casting are used for producing metallic components for a wide range of engineering applications in various industries such . Bulk forming and casting are used for producing metallic components for a wide range of engineering applications in various industries such as aerospace, electronics, automotive and bio-medical.

Thixoforming | Semi-solid Metal Casting. Thixoforming or semi-solid metal casting (SSM) is a manufacturing process that combines the advantages of both casting and forging of non-ferrous metals by forming parts between casting and .

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