An interview with the author of city of bones

Interview With The Vampire This is the story of Louis, as told in his own words, of his journey through mortal and immortal life.

An interview with the author of city of bones

Saturday, March 08, Author Interview: The next book in the series, City of Ashes, will be released in March and the third, City of Glass, will come out in March, Visit the official Mortal Instruments website. What were you like as a teenager? Really, really quiet, which is always a shocker for people who know me now.

I was the quiet kid in the corner, reading a book. In elementary school, I read so much and so often during class that I was actually forbidden from reading books during school hours by my teachers.

Admittedly maybe not during biology class. What inspired you to write for the young adult market? I even had an editor at some point express interest in the manuscript and ask me if I could age the characters up to make it an adult novel. If you could go back to your apprentice writer self, what would you tell her?

An interview with the author of city of bones

It was a vicious cycle. After all, I can read their rough work without turning on them like a wildebeest. What was your initial inspiration for writing this story?

Well, I had the idea for the romances and the twist at the end, before I had the general idea of doing a series where the magic system revolved around tattoos. And that came from a friend of mine who worked in a tattoo shop in the East Village.

I was in her tattoo shop looking through the flash book--not that I have any tattoos myself, as I am not that cool, but I find them fascinating--and I got this idea about skin runes that offered protection against demons and how neat that would be. And then I thought, I should combine these two ideas.

What was the timeline from spark to publication, and what were the key events along the way? I started writing the book in early After almost a year of endless revisions I had — not a complete book, but about ten chapters.


I had met my agent, Barry Goldblattat a reading at the KGB Bar in Manhattan; he represented a friend of mine, and she introduced us, and told him I had this novel I was working on that she really liked.

He agreed to take a look at it, and offered representation based on those ten chapters. He had me revise them again, and then we sold the book off those chapters and a detailed outline of the plot of the next two books in the series. What were the challenges literary, research, psychological, and logistical in bringing it to life?

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