An introduction to education at edos first university

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An introduction to education at edos first university

With a small tractate of Education — to Mr. Hartlib see the title page in a new window. One of these is a clearer consciousness, among teachers and students, of education as a discipline for active life.

A second is an insistence upon the more extensive reading of ancient writers, both classical and Christian, as the principal means of securing this discipline. A third characteristic is an attitude of severe and often hostile criticism toward medieval education and culture.

Ainsworth 8 The theories of the Moravian divine and now renowned educator, John Amos Comeniusfocused debate on educational reform, especially concerning the teaching of Latin. Comenius championed the idea of a "natural method" Riggs His ideas attracted the attention of Samuel Hartlib, a Prussian emigrant and merchant who gained prominence as a Puritan educator.

An introduction to education at edos first university

In her article "Milton and the Hartlib Circle: Educational Projects and Epic Paideia," Barbara Lewalski describes their "disgust" for Aristotelian scholasticism - "the logic chopping, metaphysical subtleties, and rhetorical emphases of the trivium" Lewalski - that was associated with the Catholic Church.

Milton was not a member of this assembly, but he did communicate with them and he shared a keen interest in their ideas.

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Concerning his relationship to the group, Lewalski writes: Many of the ideas articulated in Of Education were inspired by Comenius. For example, Milton believed that education should move from experiences of the senses to the corresponding abstract concepts, that the educational process should be rigorous but also delightful, and that young students always assumed to be exclusively boys should study a wide variety of languages, ancient and modern, and read a wide variety of texts.

He also agreed with the Moravian scholar that the current methods of learning Latin and Greek were a waste of time Lewalski However, while the Hartlib Circle endorsed the university system and sought to reform it, Milton "scornfully repudiated university education for arts students and ministers Milton also disagreed with the Circle on the final goal of education.

An introduction to education at edos first university

While Comenius "proposed a pleasurable method of education applicable to and intended for all — boys and girls, the able and the dull, all social ranks," Milton expressed historical and literary study as "steadfast pillars of the State" and believed that "the object of education was to make good citizens of the state" Viswanathan 3.

For Milton, the education of women was not a relevant issue, since they could not be "brave men and worthy patriots. During the three years just prior to his acceptance at Cambridge, Milton studied at St. His practical suggestions in Of Education were based on his good experience at St.

From the testimony of one of his nephews and pupils, Edward Phillips, it appears that Milton was able to put many of his ideas into practice. Among other things, his school enacted the reversal of the normal educational order that he so strongly despised, and consequently facilitated the learning of Latin and Greek in a very short period of time Flannagan Part of this "reversal" was the elevation of the art of poetry to the same level as skills such as rhetoric and logic.

An even more popular area of scholarly speculation is how Of Education can shed light on readings of Paradise Lost. In his essay "Divine Instruction: Katherine Lynch and Thomas H.Liberty First University Does Not Offer Diplomas.

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