An overview of the system of education in argentina

Program Calendar Country Overview Argentina, a vast South American country, is home to landscapes ranging from the wild and remote Patagonia in the south to the lively, legendary city of Buenos Aires to the north.

An overview of the system of education in argentina

Primary education[ edit ] The ubiquitous white uniform of Argentine school children is a national symbol of learning. Secondary School in the Pampas city of Bragado. Accepted between ages 6 and Primary education s the first EP cycles grades 1—6. Because of the system that was in place duringmost schools that offered 7 years of primary school prior to were forced to be converted and accept grades 8th and 9th, while others chose to eliminate 7th grade altogether, forcing students to complete the 3rd cycle in another institution.

Secondary education[ edit ] Secondary education in Argentina comprises two levels.

An overview of the system of education in argentina

Years 4th to 6th in some provinces 4th to 5th are organized in orientations Ciclo orientado such as Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Arts, Sport, Design, etc. An additional year is offered in certain schools Technical-Professional schoolswhich grants a professional title, also with orientations agriculture, electricity, mechanics, construction, etc.

In December the Chamber of Deputies of the Argentine Congress approved a new National Education Law restoring the old system of primary followed by secondary education, making secondary education obligatory and a right, and increasing the length of compulsory education to 12 years.

The transitional period ended in In addition an adult system of high schools usually called Acelerados, Spanish for accelerated exists in order to guarantee secondary education to people over Normally it consists in 2 or 3 years of intensive program of study and it is provided by a large number of public and private schools varying on each province.

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Night shift is available in order to satisfy those who work during the day. These high school diplomas are accepted to enroll in a university. Academic ranks in Argentina and List of universities in Argentina Argentine higher education system is based, since its conception during the colonial period, on the old and dogmatic Spanish higher education systemwhich is basically a Continental education system opposed to the Anglo-Saxon Model.

Since its foundation, it was focused on the teaching of Professions offering Professional degrees. It is divided in three levels. This is a specialized and research-oriented education level. Funding[ edit ] One important aspect is that Public universities at Tertiary Education level and at University level are tuition-free and open to anyone.

Although it is not required to pay any kind of fee at universities, hidden costs of education, like transportation and materials, are often neglected and a lack of a well-developed and widespread scholarship system makes it hard for students from low-income families to enroll in public universities: Additionally, financial pressure to freshman college students force them to join the work force before graduation, thus it is very common for young students to have full-time jobs and at the same time study at the University.

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This is considered beneficial because when the students graduate they already have working experience, though this could also be one of the causes of the high ratio of dropouts. Argentina maintains a network of 39 National universitiesfinanced by the Ministry of Education since Private and parochial universities are also abundant, numbering 46 among the active institutions and they enroll about a sixth of the collegiate student body see University reform in Argentina and List of universities in Argentina.

Moreover, a steady degradation in primary and secondary education created a huge difference between the required level to enter a university and the level achieved by the high school students. Some universities like University of Buenos Aires cope with this issue by creating a 1-year shared program called CBC that students need to complete in order to join the university.Primary Education In Argentina the system functionally managed by the Ministry of Education is implemented at national, provincial and federal levels, and by private institutions.


An overview of the system of education in argentina

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