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Bbbee verification

This accreditation has been put in place to ensure the consistency of the independent verification of BBBEE contributions.

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Accounting officers registered Bbbee verification term of the Close corporation Act of can also issue the BBBEE certificates for EMEs The certificate can only be issued once a full verification has been performed.

Industry specific measurement[ edit ] Companies may choose to be measured using the Generic Scorecard as described above and created by the government or their individual sector scorecards.

Various sector scorecards have already been finalised, including construction, tourism, forestrytransport, finance, information technology, mining, petroleum and others. Industry scorecards are created to address industry specific issues and complications with regard to implementing BBBEE.

Bbbee verification

All industry specific scorecards must align themselves to the generic scorecard. Companies may not measure their suppliers according to their own sector scorecards. For example, a large banking institution may not measure their ICT service providers according to the financial Bbbee verification scorecard.

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The ICT company will present a verification certificate to the financial institution based on the generic scorecard or the ICT sector scorecard.

BBEEE is not only a compliance issue anymore but also a competitive issue Development of legislation[ edit ] The Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Bill along with the BEE strategy document of South Africa serves as guideline and driver for developing Codes of Good Practice that describe measurement criteria, targets, audit requirements and definitions for each of the 7 pillars in detail.

Additional codes of good practice have also been released with regards to complex structures, broad-based ownership schemes, fronting practices and verification agencies. Companies in South Africa that deal with the government or parastatals must be empowered as required by the Preferential Procurement Act.

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In return, these companies require their suppliers to be empowered to improve their rating at government. Thus broad-based empowerment is driven down the supply chain. Generic enterprises turnover greater than R50 million Qualifying small enterprises turnover between R10 million and R50 million Exempted micro enterprises turnover less than R10 million [1] In terms of Act 53 each of these categories have differing sets of measurement criteria.

Generic Enterprises[ edit ] Generic enterprises are those enterprises that have a turnover of greater than R50 million. Generic Enterprises must apply Code of the Act and apply stringent reporting techniques. Code is a simplified version of Code which includes less stringent scorecards for each element.

While Code is a simplified version of the other 7 pillars it has been ruled by the DTI that in any issues not specifically discussed in Code should be applied as per Code — That will be in the new Codes.

EMEs do not need to be rated, but they do need to be able to provide reasonable evidence that they are EMEs. According to the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation 's Economic Transformation Audit, the number of Black Management and Professionals has increased fromin toin Economic Empowerment.

the dti provides strategic direction in the development of policies and strategies that promote enterprise growth, empowerment and equity in the economy..

Various initiatives have been undertaken to implement Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE), including the establishment of B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice; the development of Sector Charters .


Verification and BBBEE certificates It is not mandatory to get a verification agency to audit a BEE Scorecard. It is however a requirement to have suitable documentation/evidence to score any points. The Central Supplier Database maintains a database of organisations, institutions and individuals who can provide goods and services to government.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) all legislation comes with mountains of paperwork! We've put it all together for you and you can view and download all the acts, charters and B-BBEE .

BBBEE Verification The BBBEE Verification process can be hassle free! BEE has in many cases left some business owners anxious as the terminology isn’t fully understood.

BEE Online’s Verification process is an independent audit process aimed at verifying, confirming and validating the the BBBEE status of a measured organisation.

BEE Online’s Verification process provides an accurate, efficient and cost-effective way for businesses to establish and present their BBBEE status.

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