Buhay ng single parent

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Buhay ng single parent

Their dad and I got separated when my son was 1, while I was pregnant with my daughter. Nobody said it was easy to be a single parent, and I found out why. But the Filipino culture of strong family ties, how sarcastic.

This has opened my eyes to a whole new perspective on how I should relay my issues with my beloved children.

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After some time, I have learned to forgive myself and focus on a life that I want for my children. I accepted as a verity, that my children deserve to know their father and the circumstances relevant to his absence and why our family set up is different.

I started to tell them all that they deserve to know. I believe that it is more sensible to set aside my ill feelings and present the story in the most thoughtful and impartial way possible.

This way, it will avoid misconception and confusion on the part of my beloved children.

Buhay ng single parent

What good will that be? Stupid enough to have chosen to marry an evil guy, when she had a choice not to. Another thing is, since their dad is an evil guy, that would mean that they my kids, are of evil descent. That would give a big excuse for bad behavior.

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This was one of the reasons for my consideration as to how I should tell my children the story of my failed marriage. I explained to my kids my views on marriage. I told them that Marriage is a commitment between two individuals, based on love, trust and respect.

There are many who are lucky enough to find another who are willing to mutually embrace and keep the love, the trust and the respect for the rest of their lives, thereby succeeding in keeping a happy married life throughout.

But when the love, trust and respect, or any one of these, is breached, then the marriage is deemed to fail, but there are few who are willing to endure the broken trust, love or respect, and make sacrifices to keep the marriage, despite its broken spirit.

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Unfortunately or fortunatelyI am not one of them, but after all the hurt, the shattered dreams, the defeat that my married life has made me go through, I was being honest when I told my children that I do not have any regrets.

I want them to find their own definition of love and be excited at falling in love. When marriage breaks, let it be just that which is broken. Let me say it again, it is just the marriage that is broken, but not the family, not the home.24 photos of Karla Estrada that redefine SEXY!

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"[Para sa ibang single mothers]: una, huwag silang mahiya dahil 'di sila nag-iisa. Pangalawa, ilantad nila at proud sila [dapat] sa sarili nila na sila ay isang solo parent, dahil ang sektor ng. BIR Certificate of Registration (COR) or BIR Form is a basic requirement in the conduct of your business in the Philippines.

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Buhay ng single parent

ito ang hindi alam ng mga tao, hindi mo pwede ihiwalay ang karanasan mo sa iyong pagkatao, kasama po iyan sa iyong pagkatao, bakit gusto ng iba ihiwalay?

hindi ko maintindihan, ang sabi pa ng iba, personal na buhay daw. kaya ang tao nalilito na.

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