Comparassion paper

Portia is not given the opportunity to choose her husband herself, rather each suitor who arrives to "win" her as his wife must agree to choose between three caskets, one of which gives the permission to take her as his wife. If the suitor should choose incorrectly, he must vow to Your question seems to lack understanding of some of the details of Portia's situation when she enters the play in Act I, scene ii.

Comparassion paper

I hope the following helps. The definition of "genre" according to dictionary. I do not see these two as being of the same genre, but their similarities, in general, may be what your son's teacher is looking for. Perhaps the use of the word "genre" is used here in a more general way: However, in reviewing Dr.

King's "Letter From Birmingham Jail," and Sophocles ' AntigoneI find that the commonality is not in the kind of literature it is, but in the common themes both pieces present Comparassion paper the reader.

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The plot of the play Antigone reflects a woman a minority at the time controlled by social, political, religious, and gender-related norms of the era who is struggling to do what is ethically right. She is demanding that King Creon allow her to bury her brother Polyneices who has been judged a traitor ; if she cannot do so, the Greeks believed his soul would wander the Earth for a hundred years before finding its rest.

As a woman, she has no power or influence. If searching for discrimination, I would hazard to guess that had she been a man, she might have had more success with the leaders of the male-dominated society of which she was a part.

His concerns would not only have lifted up the unfair treatment of blacks in terms of prejudice and segregation, but more seriously with the murder of civil rights activists and innocents killed due to the color of their skin, and nothing more.

The similarities of the content of the two pieces are what make me see them as products of a genre that challenges the status quo and demands that appropriate actions take place regarding what is decent, ethical and morally correct. Antigone never gets the answer she wants.

King, however, continued to fight for equality, and his "dream" was realized with the signing of the Civil Rights Act inwhich outlawed discrimination and segregation against blacks—and women. I hope this is of some assistance.This study examines the effects of an experiential learning exercise used in an undergraduate accounting class and compares the results to those attained when the traditional lecture method was used in another class.

A Comparison of the South African and United States Models of Natural Areas Management

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Comparassion paper

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