Factors affecting buying behavior of students

Beliefs and attitudes Cultural Factors Cultural factors exert a broad and deep influence on consumer behavior. Culture The set of basic values, perceptions, wants, and behaviors learned by a member of society from family and other important institutions Subculture A group of people with shared value systems based on common life experiences and situations. Groups that have a direct influence and to which a person belongs are called membership groups. People often are influenced by reference groups to which they do not belong.

Factors affecting buying behavior of students

Indian retail industry is the fifth largest in the world with both organized and unorganized sectors. Indian retail industry is in transition phase at present unorganized sector is declining and organized sector is growing due to the change of taste and preferences of the consumers.

Organized retailing refers to activities undertaken by licensed retailers like supermarkets and hypermarkets. Unorganized retailing Factors affecting buying behavior of students to low cost retailing like mom and pop stores The India Retail Industry is the largest among all the industries, accounting for over 10 per cent of countries GDP.

Hence apparel retail outlets have lot of demand. As demand is high competition is also high in retail sector. Therefore retailer has to differentiate himself from other retailers from their store maintenance, display of clothes, availability of merchandise, sales personnel etc.

These are the main factors which affects the buying behavior of customers. The retailers should clearly have an idea on their outlet and have to understand the shopping behavior of customers to make the customers satisfy.

This make the firm serves its target market, minimize dissatisfaction and stay ahead of competitors. This study also aims to understand the relationship between various demographic variables like gender, age, income, marital status and overall quality of shopping experience provided by the store.

Cultural Theory of Buying Behavior

The Needs and Wants are that they may make us feel complete, happy, fulfilled, and comfortable or any combination of feeling. He also says the basic reason behind any purchase of consumer is to fulfill either his Need or Want.

Need and Want although similar are quite different he adds. He also explains Need and Want with a simple example: If a consumer wishes to add heated seats to his car, then this indicates his Want although car will run properly without heated seats he is buying heated seats so he can make his driving more enjoyable and comfortable.

Fiona has written an article on consumer buying decision. Consumer buying decision is affected by many reasons as there are more and more choices available in the market while purchasing an item. Buying decision is a daily action performed by an individual we perform these actions to get our daily needs satisfied.

Before directly jumping into conclusion that to buy a product consumer first follows a series of steps, evaluates each step and then finally purchases the product. The buying decision starts when consumer realizes a product need or want. The consumer will get to know the product details through advertisements, news papers or magazines and later he searches information about alternate product and compares both the products after evaluating the consumer decides which product to buy, uses and checks whether the product performance has reached his expectations or not.

Purchase decision of consumer is effected by several factors during the time of purchase that might be social factors, psychological factors etc. If a buyer is not satisfied with the products offered by a firm then the firm loses its value in the market so the firm has to effectively deal with the buyers and supply what they need at the right time.

the freshmen students in public and private universities in Lithuania. A method of quantitative research – online questionnaire – was used in order to have freshmen students in management and economics in public and private universities in Lithuania. In analyzing the factors affecting the choice of program, individual. As we mentioned earlier in the chapter, consumer behavior is influenced by many things, including environmental and marketing factors, the situation, personal and psychological factors, family, and culture. Factors affecting the spending behaviour of Students. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: In this context, social class was often considered more important than income in affecting buying behavior (Mirela Mihic; Gordana Culina, ). The family has been identified as one of the most influential environmental factors affecting food- and.

Verena has studies and written an article on factors which affects the buying decision of consumers. According to her buying decision is the process that consumer exhibits while purchasing goods and services for personal consumption.

There are four different views related to consumer decision making process. Economic View states that consumers are always expected to make rational decision on assuming that they are aware of all the product alternatives rank them and select the best alternative.

Passive View states that the consumers are mainly influenced by marketing tools and are completely irrational which is completely opposite to Economic View.

Similarly, third is the Emotional View this states that consumer makes the buying decision based on his emotional association which he has with the products. In this buying process consumer will not evaluate any alternatives for the products or neither get influenced by the marketers.

In the Cognitive View consumer decision making includes; problem identification feeling need of laptopinformation search on websites, outletsevaluation of alternatives comparing brandsoutlet selection and purchase purchasing selected item and post-purchase action satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

Moses has written an article on buying decision of consumers. Roles of consumers differs for different products, marketer should identify the role played by consumer in purchasing of particular product. He says people plays five different roles in making a decision to buy a product.

He also states 4 kinds of buying behavior explained by Henry Assael they are, complex buying behavior, reducing buying behavior, habitual buying behavior and variety seeking buying behavior. Complex buying behavior is that in which buying is done in three step process.

First, buyer develops beliefs about the product. Second, buyer develops attitudes about the product finally he makes a useful choice. This buying behavior is exhibited when buyer is aware of all the product alternatives and when consumer is buying highly expensive product.

Second, in reducing buying behavior customer is highly involved and checks little difference in brands.Learn factors affect behavior with free interactive flashcards.

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consumer music procurement behavior from music sites, but the socio demographic traits and time pressure factor did not have meaningful impact.

Key words: Music marketing; Music procurement behavior; Music buying behavior; Consumer music behavior Ahmadi, M.

Factors affecting buying behavior of students

(). Key Factors Affecting Consumer Music Procurement Behavior (Observing Music Sites).

The Seven Engagement Factors

Personal Factors Affecting College Students' Network Clothing Consumer Behavior According to the relevant economists found that dominate consumer buying behavior is a major factor in buyers own willingness to buy, and the willingness to buy and purchase directlylinked to.

ABSTRACT Consumer buying behavior refers to the buying behavior of the individuals and households who buy goods and services for personal consumption. Factors affecting how customers make decisions are extremely complex. Understanding the factors that influence decision making process is important to understanding what decisions are made.

That is, the factors that influence the process may impact the outcomes. Heuristics serve as a framework in which satisfactory decisions are made quickly and with ease (Shah & Oppenheimer, ).

Factors influencing employees of crazy domains to shop online Saad Akbar Bangkok University, Thailand The process of buying behavior process consists of five steps. For instance, customers first identify a need or want and then define the among university Students” (online survey within few American students, Case, Burns and Dick.

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