Fairy tale book report project

Retelling a Story elementary ' printable worksheet in the classroom or at home. Your students will love this 'Book Report: Retelling a Story elementary '.

Fairy tale book report project

Posted on 05 May This is a wonderful project to do for display for a parent visitation night, such as Open House, or to create as a culminating project to show what children have learned. I displayed ours last year that my first and second graders created in my combination class, along with their princess, knight, beanstalk, and castle craftivities!

Basically, the whole room was decorated with fairy tale themed projects, Fairy tale book report project it looked wonderful! Apr 22, at It usually has pop-ups, windows that open, things that spin, etc. The book report itself is scaffolded from beginning to end to help children through the process just in case they have never done a book report before.

I found that helping the children through the process step by step is very important in helping them be successful! I have written out all of the instructions so that you will know exactly how I did this, just in case you would like to do the same.

The process can be duplicated for any book report, whether or not you choose to do a lapbook with it. Copy all of the foldable masters onto colored cardstock and cut them apart. I chose to use multiple colors, and then let my kids choose. Many of them were excited to mix and match their favorite colors!

Copy the writing paper onto regular weight copy paper, either white or colored. Pre-fold the file folders as shown in the photos.

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The edges of the folders need to be folded in to touch the center fold. You may wish to begin reading some fairy tales to your students before they begin doing their own book reports as well! Be sure to discuss what the plot and the moral of the story is to help them figure these things out later on their own.

Read and Do a Practice Book Report Together I suggest that you read a fairy tale aloud and practice doing a book report in front of them.

This was MUCH easier for the children that were struggling with writing, but they needed guidance on what would they would put in the blanks. I suggest that you give the children a chance to read their books and just enjoy them first.

Fairy tale book report project

If you do not have enough books, you may need to read some books aloud and then put the children in groups to reread together, sharing the books. Ask them to read the books twice through before you have them look for any information at all!

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Otherwise in my experience, some reluctant readers may try to skip reading the entire book and simply search for the required information instead. Research Have the children search for the specific information needed for their book reports in their books. You can do this by having them use sticky notes, or use the graphic organizer provided.

I used sticky notes and put a list on the board of items for them to find. After I gave each child a small stack of sticky notes, they had to find all of those items and write them on the notes, then leave those notes on the pages where they found that information.

The list of things for them to find matched what they needed to fill in on their lapbooks exactly, and also was what I wanted them to put into their reports.Everything you need to teach your students to write a fairy tale book report lapbook, that are easy and fun to teach and learn!

This project includes all of the instructions and masters to help your students write their very own, easy fairy tale book report. Use this 'Book Report Form: Fairy Tale 3' printable worksheet in the classroom or at home.

Your students will love this 'Book Report Form: Fairy Tale 3'.


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