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Incentive travel

How do you inspire success? Powerful, memorable experiential incentives delivered through an incentive travel program are at the heart of what we do at Motivation Excellence. Money can be spent. But a great experience through a Motivation Excellence incentive travel program is something your people will never forget.

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Not only will such experiences provide residual, positive memories long after the experience itself, well-designed incentive travel programs significantly increase brand loyalty and relationships that support further teamwork. Our team will help you identify the best approach to incentive travel for your goals.

Individual Incentives via Points Through sales and other activities, each participant accrues points towards a specific destination, trip, or individual experience.

Participants can choose from an expansive online catalog of exciting excursions, trips, and experiences — and set individual goals to earn them.

Groups & Leisure Travel

Group Travel Incentives Through a Program In this case, your entire program is built around participants working towards a set target goal and a pre-selected location or experience. When your pre-determined number of top performers reach or exceed the target goal, they go on the excursion, destination, or experience together!Group and Incentive Travel management agency serving the upper Midwest of the USA.

We specialize in unique and affordable travel incentive programs. Your team is the heart of your organization and incentive travel programs are a great way to inspire and reward all their hard work.

Incentive travel

Give your business a competitive edge with a custom group incentive travel program perfect for your organization. Whether you’re looking to reward your team with a well deserved travel experience or need an expert partner to help you plan and manage your business event, First Incentive Travel make everything easy, affordable and memorable.

At Burkhalter Travel and our sister companies, Travel Headquarters, Olson Travel and Travelog, we understand that different travelers have unique service needs.

Our Orlando HQ office is always ready to talk options with you. When you combine incentive technology, group travel rewards and incentive travel services, you get more than just a travel incentive program.

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