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A program attempted to divide a number by zero. RAISE statements can raise predefined exceptions, or user-defined exceptions whose names you decide. Example Using RA ISE statement to trap user-defined exception In this example, the department number does not exist, so no rows are updated in the departments table.

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I don't know about the "hunt and peck" typists, but I'v been typing since high school and hitting the 'z' key is as easy as hitting the 's' key for me so I don't think that is a big reason for it. To me, the -ise rather than -ize is a step backward from a more fonetic and better spelling way.

I guess what gets me on this one is that the -ize spelling was the standard even in BrE Heck, even the OED givs preference to the -ize.

Somehow, this has become a BrE vs AmE thing when it truly isn't. And yes, adding the 'c' to scissors was one of those odd "reforms" Spelling in English is an embarrassment and it's wrong to try to blame the education system.

The teachers didn't come up with this crazy system. There are spellings in an abridg'd dictionary for the 40 common sounds of English, or about 14 per sound. If we take only the 10, most common words, as found in a sample of , there are still different spellings, or 9 per sound.

Dewey, ; 8, Though the rough cough and hiccough plough me through, O'er life's dark lough I ought my way pursue. That's eight ways to say the -ough. That means there are eight to the eighth power ways 64, one could say this couplet.

Language is as much about the heart as the mind; if we were going to be logical about it, we'd all be speaking Esperanto. But, thank God, we're not. For the life of me I can't see the harm in using the prevailing spelling of my own language community.

Americans are quite happy to assert their language differences from us, and good on them, so why can't we?

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I looked up words ending in " -ise" at MoreWords, and couldn't find m any with a soft "s". The final "e" seems to have the effect of hardening the "s", like the "e" after a consonant changes the vowel sound of a word, eg "fin" to "fine". So I'm afraid I don't even see a phonetics argument for ditching "ise".

How is this confusing? What's more, many of us see certain uses of phonetic spelling, such as "Krazy Kuts", plain ugly.

We simply like our language the way it is, warts and all. As for literacy rates, although it may well have a slowing effect on reading, the crazy English spelling system doesn't seem to have much of an overall effect on literacy rates.

My students have some problems, yes, but not serious ones. And certainly not enough to put them off the language. Finally, if you really want to change the spelling system, what we do in Britain is totally irrelevant. The US is in such a dominant position that it could do what it liked.

But I imagine there isn't much more appetite in the States for change than there is in the UK.

Ise 561

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Ise 561

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