Pema lingpa

Though able to subdue pervasive negative forces—both cultural and mystical—in order for the doctrine to take hold, Guru Rinpoche could foresee obstacles that would hinder the Dharma in coming generations, when the teachings would become confused and separated from their essential instructions. To mitigate this, he blessed the region with termas hidden treasure-teachings to be revealed in the future for the benefit of sentient beings.

Pema lingpa

Since, in his previous lifehe had been the omniscient Longchen Rabjamhis birthin C. Thus, he learned various texts, crafts, and much else, without instruction.

On the tenth day of the seventh month of the Monkey year,in his 26th year, in the place called Yige Trukma, Padmasambhava appeared to Pema Lingpa.

Guru Rinpoche blessed him and placed in his hands an inventory of great treasures. The following year, he brought forth from the famous Lake Mebar the first of the profound treasures of this inventory: Surrounded by a multitude of peoplehe entered the lake without hesitation, holding a burning lamp in his hand.

When he reemerged from the lake, the lamp in his hand still burned, and he carried under his arm a great chest that contained the treasure.

Everyone was amazed, and, convinced of his extraordinary qualities, became firmly established in the faith. From these two treasure sites, he subsequently brought forth numerous other treasures that form the essential practices of the Nyingma lineage to this day.

Pema Lingpa discovered a profusion of sacramental objectssuch as images, booksand stupas. He discovered the flesh of one born seven times as a Brahmanwhich liberates when tasted.

Pema lingpa

And he discovered images of Guru Padmasambhava. He also unearthed the temple of Lho Kyercu, which had not previously been visibleand which was similar to the temple of Peltsap Sumpa at Samye.

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The temple he unearthed can still be seen today. Among the riches Pema Lingpa discovered were the life-supporting turquoise gems of the Dharma KingTrisong Deutsenthe seamless robes of the Princessa clairvoyant mirrorand many other sublime riches of the royal dynasty.

But although Guru Rinpoche had placed in his hands an inventory of treasuresPema Lingpa revealed fewer than half of them. And so, when the terton was approaching deathhis son asked permission to find others.

The vast and wonderful deeds of Pema Lingpaof liberating and benefiting immeasurable beingswere inconceivable.

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He prophesied that he would become the Buddha named Vajragarbha in the Buddhafield of the Lotus Array, and that all those presently associated with him would be reborn in that realm as well, and become the disciples of that Buddha.

Ten thousand will be associated by [the force of] past deeds. One thousand two will be associated by aspiration. Those associated through the profound essential point will be eleven.

Seven will be mandala-holders. And three will be spiritual sons, dear to his heart. In fulfillment of this prophecyan inconceivable number of disciples appeared.

Among them, the foremost included six treasure-finders who were emanationssix greatly accomplished mastersand six great sons who manifested the signs of accomplishment.

Tsultrim Paljor, the great preceptor of Conangpa residence, Nangso Gyelwa Tondrup, and Tulku Chokden Gonpo were the three spiritual sons whose realization was the same as that of Pema Lingpa himself.

And among his four sons, his spiritual son, Dawa, who was the emanation of Avalokitesvarahad inconceivable expressive powers of blessingand his enlightened activities were very extensive.

Thus, the entire stream of its empowermentstransmissions, and guidance from a number of great masters has continued, unbroken, up to the present.Pema Lingpa was the direct and sole incarnation of the omniscient Longchenpa.

Longchenpa was called the “all knowing lord of the doctrine” because his understanding and explication of the dharma was so exquisitely vast and profound. Pema Lingpa gave his son the aural transmission, treasure teachings (kama and terma), the pure vision lineages of the old translation tradition, and, in particular, the complete Dharma cycles of Pema Lingpa — the empowerments, teachings, and .

Biography of Pema Lingpa. Pema Lingpa was hailed as the fourth of the five kingly tertons, or treasure-finders. He was the last of the five pure incarnations of King Trisong Deutsen’s daughter, the royal princess Pemasel.

Pema Lingpa was the direct and sole incarnation of the omniscient Longchenpa. Longchenpa was called the “all knowing lord of the doctrine” because his understanding and explication of the dharma was so exquisitely vast and profound. Pema Lingpa པདྨ་གླིང་པ་, Wyl.

Pema lingpa

pad+ma gling pa) () was an important tertön from Bhutan, listed as the fourth of the five sovereign terma revealers. He is considered to be the last of the five incarnations of princess Pema Sal. Pema Lingpa Image courtesy of Ariana Maki. The activity of treasure revelation is not without controversy: accused during his life of being a fraud, Pema Lingpa’s career remains one of the best examples of bold and resourceful revelation.

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