Present political scenario

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Present political scenario

In a surprise move, Sirisena appointed the former president Mahinda Rajapaksa as prime minister by using his powers based on the Article 42 4 of the country's Constitution.

Present political scenario

Wickremesinghe, on the other hand, has made a statement that he will continue to remain as prime minister and prove his majority in Parliament.

He has also questioned the appointment of Rajapaksa as the prime minister on ground that it is illegal and unconstitutional. Therefore, once again, the Tamil political parties may play a role in reinstating Wickremesinghe as prime minister if he has to prove his majority in Parliament, or the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka might Present political scenario in to determine the constitutional validity of actions by the president.

File image of Mahinda Rajapaksa. AFP Various calculations might have gone into the decision to bring Rajapaksa back to power as prime minister.

Feb 15,  · Hi, Definately it has some political activities with political parties but never harless for tourist,you can visit easily and more safety. it . Criminals are gaining prominence. The danger to free and fair politics in India emanates from the root cause of the problem and that is the involvement of criminals in active politics. *Present Political Scenario and how it is Impacting India*Watching the recently concluded Bihar elections makes one feel the need to step back and ask the question – what is the state of Indian politics and what is its real impact on India?

First off, the president may have assumed that Rajapaksa can command the confidence of the Parliament and prove his majority in Parliament. The meeting between Sirisena and Rajapaska, which took place in Octobermay have paved the way for withdrawal of support to UNP, a condition the Joint Opposition JO insisted in the past in exchange of support to the government led by Sirisena.

Secondly, the Constitution provides only for two terms for the president and Rajapaksa cannot return to power as president for the third time under the present constitutional setup.

Therefore, Rajapksa was sworn in as prime minister and the SLFP and SLPP combine might bring in the required constitutional changes by two-thirds majority in Parliament to have him continue as prime minister.

Despite the arguments and counter-arguments about the constitutional validity of appointing Rajapaksa as prime minister, internal developments indicate that Sri Lanka is once again plunged into a political crisis that can threaten the relative peace and the stability the country witnessed in the last three and half years of unity government formed with the support of Tamil political alliance, the Tamil National Alliance TNA.

The 19th Amendment to the Constitution of Sri Lanka, Article 33 a and bgives authority to the President of Sri Lanka to ensure that the Constitution is respected and upheld, and national reconciliation and integration are promoted.

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The UNHRC resolution asked the Government of Sri Lanka to establish four transitional justice mechanisms to address the human rights violations that occurred during and after the war in In the battle, according to the United Nations, nearly 40, civilians lost their life and many went missing.

The Sri Lankan Tamil parties extended support to Sirisena in the last presidential elections in to keep Rajapaksa away from power.

Both the reports mention the lack of trust on the State institutions, continuing harassment and intimidation by the State authorities in conflict-affected provinces, differences of opinion among communities and political parties on what constitutes justice in post-war scenario, and increasing polarisation of society.

The lack of consensus among political parties in Sri Lana about transitional justice mechanisms, whether it will be domestic or international mechanisms or a combination of both, is also an issue. He also requested "the international community to give Sri Lanka an opportunity to resolve their own issues, as the independence of a country is of paramount importance.

Wickremesinghe's official visit to India from 18 to 20 October seemed to convey and reassure India that it will remain as an important trade and development partner for Sri Lanka, despite the turbulent internal politics.

However, in shifting political scenario, it remains to be seen how the bilateral engagement between India and Sri Lanka will evolve in future, if Rajapaksa remains in power through constitutional means.

Sri Lankan Tamil politics is also fluid. Within the Sri Lankan Tamil political parties, there is no unity on approach towards reconciliation, and expectations from the Sri Lankan State also vary.Madhes Movement (Nepali: मधेस अान्दोलन) is a political movement launched by various political parties, especially those based in Madhes, for equal rights, dignity and identity of Madhesis and Tharus, Muslisms and Janjati groups in Nepal.

Criminals are gaining prominence. The danger to free and fair politics in India emanates from the root cause of the problem and that is the involvement of criminals in active politics. Indian Political Scenario India was declared a Sovereign free State in the year , and, the patriots who had struggled for this event could, never have visulaised that, after fifty years of that great event, India would be in such a dilapidated political shape as it was, in the year , till now.

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Present Political Scenario of Jammu and Kashmir and the Role of Current Collation Government of P.D.P and B.J.P International Journal of Political Science (IJPS) Page | 24 Here are the 15 highlights of the CMP: 1.

In order to make the political development of the state it is important for both the collation. Current Political Scenario in India seems to Quite Stable than ever before.

Now the common man feels he has got his desired government and he can just focus on his work and career to move ahead in life. This is because he is confident that the pre. The present political scenario in Sri Lanka is a setback in terms of unity needed to take the country towards the path of reconciliation.

As far as India-Sri Lanka relations are concerned, India responded cautiously towards the internal developments in Sri Lanka in recent years.

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