Presentation for business

Every new business pitch should do three things: There are some helpful nuggets that will add punch to your next agency pitch. Plan your presentation with pen and paper.

Presentation for business

When we talk about business logic - we mean the following kind of logic How we model real world business objects in our application - such as accounts, loans, travel itineraries etc How these objects are stored How these objects interact with each other - e.

For simplicity and practicality, we are not going to make this distinction. In many cases, we feel this distinction is unnecessary because the control flow pattern of the Model and the Controller is very similar and conceived of at the same time.

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So the benefits of separation or thinking of them as independent are often mitigated by the hassle of the extra layer. When we speak about Presentation Logic we mean how we display these objects to a user.

Do we display accounts in a list format and have the user pick which one to edit? This is often referred to as the View in the MVC paradigm. It is often difficult to determine where business logic ends and presentation logic begins.

How you model your application often dictates what is possible in the user interface. Sometimes the business and presentation logic is so intricate and dependent on each other that the two get intertwined with each other. Sometimes it is often difficult or impossible to separate the two.

In most other cases, separating the two is just a matter of discipline. Why should we separate Business Logic from Presentation Logic There are several reasons why separating business logic from presentation logic is desired.

Below are a couple of reasons why we do it. The kind of programming you do for each part and sometimes the language you do it in are different. Separating the two allows one to use the best tools for that particular part. For example if you are programming a user interface screen - the kinds of things you are concerned with are paging - e.

There is also the need to see the screen as you are developing and to position the items. On the business side you are not so concerned about visuals - you need to get the data from somewhere and you need to control what data is loaded, and how that data is updated.

If you change your programming languages next year, it is much easier to reuse old code when it is separated. The two parts - business logic and presentation logic - do not always occur at the same time. For example, often times you design the screens first and then cut in the business logic later.

Separating the two minimizes time dependency and allows for concurrent development. You can work on each part independently and then integrate them later or integrate in an iterative fashion.

This is important for big organizations with very specialized people, but is less important for small shops where often the programming of all parts is done by the same person.

Separation of Thought and Readability of code: It is easier to read business logic that is not intermingled with presentation logic. Similarly, it is easier to look at the presentation of a screen or read html code without having to sift through the database and security logic.

If this happens it's hard to tell when an html tag is missing or find the logic that tells where the data is coming from. In this section we will describe two such approaches that are commonly used. The first approach is the inheritance way which is commonly used in ASP.

NET and is called Code-behind by Microsoft. In the inheritance approach - the presentation the web page is a subclass of another class which contains the business logic.

You can think of it as a creature with eyes and skin that inherits its other features from another class, but then tacks on eyes and skin.

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In the template approach — the presentation is merely a visual object that is controlled by something else — An analogy would be that of a puppet master to his puppets. A puppet master can tack on any puppet he wants at anytime, but usually has his favorites that he likes to work with. Similarly several puppet masters can share the same set of puppets.Presentation writing video training - learn to create board-quality business presentations.

At some point in our lives we are probably all called upon to make a presentation. It may be at school, a social function or for some professional purpose. the demands of the information Age make it increasingly necessary and likely that we will need to make presentations as part of normal activities.

May 02,  · Effectively manage your stage presence at speaking events in order to create more opportunities for people to connect with you and your brand.

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presentation for business

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Separation of Business Logic from Presentation Logic in Web Applications ( and PHP)