Should we drill for offshore oil

Submit People are are thinking irrationally Just because oil makes cars run, heats houses and much more does not mean it will be around forever. As its non renewable, we may run out of oil very fast as the population of America is growing faster and faster. We will need more cars, more energy for heating, hence more oil.

Should we drill for offshore oil

Our nation must drill for oil!

Offshore Drilling Should be Encouraged

These are formidable economic challenges that harm the economy and lower the standard of living of Americans. Even if he has overstated these payments, royalties could go a long way toward solving our debt problem.

The oil industry alone could employ thousands who are presently unemployed. These employees would also pay taxes that also help to reduce debt at both the federal and state levels. Drilling and producing oil within the United States would be a boon to the economy, and provide jobs to those who are currently unemployed, and this would also help families recover from the recession.

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All the money spent in foreign payments to these countries for their oil would remain in the United States and improve our balance of payments. This article was originally published at Power for USA. It has been republished with permission. Donn Dears is a former G. Following his retirement, Dears continues to write about energy policy at Power for USA and is president of TSAugusta C 3 think tank comprised entirely of volunteers working towards an energy independent America.

Post Your Thoughts in our Comment Section below! If you are interested in writing for our site like this, please submit an editorial here.No, we need to do offshore drilling for oil, we should not rely so heavily on foreign countries for oil, its not cost effective, also drilling for oil will give us jobs in the USA that we still need so desperatly so no drill away we need all the oil we can get.

With the United States is currently producing record amounts of oil and natural gas, thanks to fracking and other new technologies, the government is eyeing the possibility of conducting offshore seismic testing of the ocean floor .

Drill ships are ships that have a drilling rig on the top deck.

Offshore drilling can cripple local economies.

The drill operates through a hole in the hull. Drill ships can pilot to the drill site and then use a combination of anchors and propellers to correct for drift as the rig drills for oil.

Should we drill for offshore oil

They can operate in . We propose that governments with oil reserves off their coastline should pass laws, similar to the ban overturned by George W. Bush in , that prevent new contracts for offshore drilling being given so that when existing contracts finish, companies would no longer be permitted to drill for deep oil deposits offshore.

The U.S. offshore drilling debate is an ongoing debate in the United States on whether or not, the extent to which, in which areas, and under what conditions, further offshore drilling should be allowed in U.S.-administered waters.

Should we drill for offshore oil

there is my oil in the dokatas,montana,and colorado,then any where in the world,look it up USGS,reports,benken-they want us to by from people that hate us,we should only be paying$1,00 a gallon for gas,I say drill baby drill,put america,back to work,and if they do not like it-the epa and who every take a hike and get the hell out of this.

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