Skeleton hiccups writing activity for kindergarten

Do you read this book around this time of the year? We have to tiptoe around goblins and witches.

Skeleton hiccups writing activity for kindergarten

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Oct 19,  · Skeleton Hiccups! Skeleton Hiccups by Margery Cuyler is a great book to read in October! This story is about a skeleton who wakes up with the hiccups and all throughout the book he is trying to get rid of Love For Kindergarten.

One of (the many) books that we read in my kindergarten class sometime in October is Skeleton Hiccups. Funding for the National Guideline Clearinghouse (NGC) has ended. Learn more about the status of the site.

skeleton hiccups writing activity for kindergarten

We Can’t Believe This ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Craft Is Made of Pasta! Make sure to watch this skeleton dance on YouTube either as your opening hook or to wrap up the lesson. Here is the Skeleton Dance. And last but not least, Jodi (#3 comment), won the Pumpkin Life Cycle Unit.

Skeleton Hiccups: a Halloween book and activity - rubber boots and elf shoes