Strategic human resources management of hcl technologies

September 22, Washington, D. Gary Hamel will be the featured speaker during the webcast "Managing Millennials:

Strategic human resources management of hcl technologies

Balaji Prasad Professor, Dept. Money, Materials, Machines and Men — it is needless to believe, the obvious point, that considering the nature of men. Therefore, in essence we can assert that human resource alone can take care of goals of an enterprise.

If a company is economically successful, it means, the management is able to manage human resource successfully.

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Managing human resources dos not mean maintain productivity of human beings but also to maintain high degree of morale and satisfaction of those concerned with it.

The main sources of data for the study consist of both primary and secondary sources. The major findings of this study are major problems faced of HR Personnel in IT industry are recruitment and retention, training challenges, career development and employee retention.

And like all big events of history, it happened part by design and part my accident.

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In the 70s, not many people in India understood the word "software" and there was no separate software industry. Throughout the 70s, multinationals like IBM and ICL UK were the largest providers of hardware to the industry—and it came bundled with the operating systems and a few basic packages.

Larger enterprises—including the Indian defense and public sectors—which needed customized applications, had their own teams that did everything from installing systems to writing software.

The industry is dominated by large integrated players consisting of both Indian and International service providers. MNCs however continued to make deeper inroads into the industry and strengthened their Indian delivery centers during Over the last few years, India has established itself as a destination of choice.

While cost is not unimportant, other factors have become increasingly vital. These include quality, customer services, time-to-market, reliability and security features like data protection, respect for intellectual property rights and network security.

Growth has given rise to fresh challenges on many fronts, particularly in the areas of human resources and infrastructure. However, it can be said that the main discussions lie in the transition from personnel management to HRM.

Baird and Meshoulam identify the development of HRM by characterizing certain HR activities as representing each stage of the development. These five stages allow for various HR practices, depending on the requirements of the organization.

The five stages range from basic HR, functional growth, controlled growth, functional integration, through to cross-functional integration. The complete stages and their characteristics can be seen in table 1. Functional Growth affirmative action, labour relations, training and development, etc.

Cross- Functional Integration activities of other corporate areas such as marketing, finance, production, etc.HCL Technologies received the Governor’s NCWorks Award of Distinction as an “Outstanding Employer” in the state of North Carolina. Including Finance, Human Resources and Media IT environments.

Assist in the development of strategic plans and management of budget. Supervise a permanent team along with temporary teams, inclusive of recruiting, selection and delegating tasks. HCL Technologies. Ryerson University. View profile. View profile badges. Search .

STRATEGIC. HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT Saurabh FN Nikhil FN Vishal DM Srikanth HCL Technologies Hindustan Zinc Ltd. Taj Hotel Resorts & Palaces Documentos similares a Strategic HRM - SecG.

Strategic human resources management of hcl technologies

ER. Cargado por. Rajat Sharma.

Human Resource Management Review - Journal - Elsevier

HRM Report. Cargado por. Kaushal Rai. Sourcing lead for Engineering R&D Services, one of the largest Line of Business @ HCL Technologies Ltd. Well rounded staffing & recruiting professional familiar with a range of technologies, verticals & skill sets especially in Engineering and R&D Sourcing Lead at Engineering .

The Human Resource Management Review (HRMR) is a quarterly academic journal devoted to the publication of scholarly conceptual/theoretical articles pertaining to human resource management and allied fields (e.g. industrial/organizational psychology, human capital, labor relations, organizational behavior).

Additionally, I will analyze HCL “Employee First, Customer Second” policy and explain how is it aligned with the company`s human resources strategy and what implications does this policy have.

Strategic human resources management of hcl technologies

Lastly, I will identify main global human resources trends%(6).

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