Super size me film

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Super size me film

This production was later nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary feature. He conceived the idea for the film when he was at his parents' house for Thanksgiving, and while watching TV saw a news story about a lawsuit brought against McDonald's by two teenage girls who blamed the fast food chain for their obesity.

The film depicts an experiment he conducted inin which he ate three McDonald's meals a day every day and nothing else for 30 days. The film's title derives from one of the rules of Spurlock's experiment: Further, Spurlock attempted to curtail his physical activity to better match the exercise habits of the average American he previously walked about 3 miles a day, whereas the average American walks 1.

Super size me film

Spurlock's supervising physicians noted the effects caused by his high-calorie diet—once even comparing it to a case of severe binge alcoholism. Following Spurlock's December claim that he hadn't been "sober for more than a week" in three decades, the claims of his liver dysfunction being caused by eating solely McDonald's food for 30 days have been called into question.


His then-girlfriend now ex-wifeAlexandra Jamiesontook charge of his recovery with her " detox diet ", which became the basis for her book, The Great American Detox Diet. Subsequent films Morgan Spurlock: In the film, and in interviews, Spurlock explores the fight against terrorism and views the argument from both sides, in which he tries to find Osama Bin Laden.

Freakonomics is an adaptation of the book of the same name by Steven D.

Start watching Super Size Me The synopsis below may give away important plot points. Synopsis As the film begins, Spurlock, age 32 at the time the movie was filmed inis physically above average, as attested to by three doctors a cardiologist, a gastroenterologist, and a general practitioneras well as a nutritionist and a personal trainer.

Levitt and Stephen J. Dubnerwhich premiered in April The one-hour documentary Committed: It screened in the New Zealand Film Festival in August together with an appearance by Spurlock to talk about the movie.

A Fan's Hopeto cover the stories of convention fans. Legendary Pictures' Thomas Tull, who independently financed the documentary, told Variety, ""We look forward to capturing the spirit, energy and people that Comic-Con has infused into legions of fans, bringing these audiences and projects out of the halls and onto a world stage.

The film was selected for theatrical distribution under the label Morgan Spurlock Presents. The film had a July 8, theater release. | A Creative Community for Fans, Photos and Fun

FX began airing the show on June 15, In the second-season finale, Spurlock spent 25 days locked in a Henrico CountyVirginia a county outside of Richmond jail to experience life as an inmate.

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See what you know about important events from the Super Size Me documentary by using this quiz and worksheet. The name of the director and the rules for the experimental diet are some topics.

May 07,  · I know because Morgan Spurlock proves it in "Super Size Me." This is the documentary that caused a sensation at Sundance and allegedly inspired McDonald's to discontinue its "super size" promotions as a preemptive measure.3/5. Super Size Me -The Smoking Fry -A Touch of Wellness Health Coaching - Duration: 5 minutes, 35 seconds.

"Super Size Me" is a movie that sheds a new light on what has become one of our nation's biggest health problems: obesity. Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, rejected five times by the USC film school, won the best director award at the Sundance Film Festival for this alarmingly personal investigation into the health hazards wreaked by /5().

Super Size Me is a American documentary film directed by and starring Morgan Spurlock, an American independent filmmaker.

Spurlock's film follows a day period from February 1 to March 2, , during which he ate only McDonald's food.

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