The 4th report on zen plastics

Zen Estilo - 10, km Report Moderators:

We have governmental agencies that are set up to hide this fact from the population or to mask it. We have all the data being skewed to hide the severity of what is happening from the population for as long as possible. We have friends behind the curtain that know this is going on and want it to stop.

I truly believe we have a growing number of allies behind the curtain that want this to stop as bad as we do.

How long can we hold our breath? Any breath we take is laden with these materials. We absolutely know it from lab testing. We see the human health statistics that are associated with this. Anyone who looks up, they can see how incredibly obvious this monstrosity is in our skies.

We hope to follow suit in the U. There is also legislation in Rhode Island currently under consideration to ban these programs.


It is all designed to bring public awareness to the fact that we are under an all-out assault from toxic climate engineering. This is what the lawsuit in Canada is based on.

How much more obvious is this situation, and they are trying to plug leaks in the ship. We have environmental scientists being fired all over. Canada has let go a huge number of their scientists. Australia has fired of their front line environmental scientists.

They are trying to obscure the severity of what is unfolding from the public for as long as possible. Nothing is going to matter soon. What our government and other governments are doing is to try to hide the magnitude of what is unfolding until the last possible moment, at which time total collapse ensues.

There is much more in the video interview.

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Wigington says that the greatest and most imminent issue we face mathematically is a climate catastrophe. If you would like to contribute to getting the word out, please go to GeoEngineeringWatch.

There is also lots of free information about geoengineering there as well.Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want.

The 4th report on zen plastics

The state of the art, ca. , is described in the Canadian Department of Mines report on graphite mines and mining, when Canadian deposits began to become important producers of graphite. commonly to make injection molds for plastics. Powder and scrap The next thing to save ZEN from bankruptcy is the latest Choo Choo pump .

As for Zen Plastics, licensing, franchising and contract manufacture would be the appropriate ways to be taken into account.

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The owner of the licence grants someone the rights to produce goods using that licence. The owner of the licence allows other manufacturers to use the character in return for payment of a fee.

Nov 04,  · Moderators: Please move this report to the appropriate forum, if necessary. Here is the km report on Zen Estilo Vxi, which I have. I bought this pearl silver coloured car in the third week of Low quality plastics. My phone charger came off after just uses.

The 4th report on zen plastics

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