The importance of work

Grayling …is one of my favorite quotes.

The importance of work

The ancient Egyptians used to mark their livestock with unique fire-brand symbols representing their owners. It was probably the Romans who first extended the practice in a structured way to the marking of the bodies of human slaves.

Thus the slave could be easily identified and registered in inventories of property, and bought and sold between owners as an identifiable object of greater or lesser value, according to its pedigree. In the same way, the permanent branding by hot iron of a male slave by his Mistress has become the most powerful expression of Her total ownership of him.

Of course I keep all My male slaves locked in permanent chastity under My absolute control. Furthermore, they are always collared when serving Me. So they are never in any possible doubt about their status as objects of My possession, belonging exclusively to Me.

But for those few slaves who I wish to own and use for the rest of their lives, I reserve the unique privilege of being branded. The collar can be removed. The chastity device can be unlocked and removed. My initials will be on his body until he dies, never to be removed. My brand-mark upon the body of My slaves is thus a very powerful, indeed the Ultimate symbol of My ownership.

Wherever the slave may be, whatever he may be doing, he can never ever forget that he belongs to Me alone. The brand continues to burn his mind long after I have applied it.

My initials are permanently engraved not only on his body, but on his soul.

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As an extension of the branding of my initials, I have recently thought of having My slaves tattooed with a bar code or QR code, which any Mistress could readily scan with Her phone to read My details and be able to contact Me instantly to report on the behaviour of My property.

Imagine a world in which all males are branded and bar-coded by their Superior Female owners! The act of branding a male slave is a very significant event in his descent into total submission to Me, and is always conducted as part of a sacred ritual of submission and worship.

The slave may never ask to be branded. Or he may beg for it, but only I, his owner, his Goddess, will decide whether or not to bestow this gift upon him. I inform the slave that I, his Owner, have decided to permanently mark My property.

I expect that he will immediately show his gratitude for this great honour, and beg to worship My boots in order properly to express it. For the ceremony itself, the slave is always immobilised in whatever way is available to Me at the time.

The burning of My initials into his flesh is a moment of excruciating pain for the slave, and he must be prevented from struggling or moving, particularly of course the part of his body which is to bear My sacred initials. That is normally one of his buttocks, or his inner thigh.

But I have read that the Romans often branded runaway slaves on their foreheads — perhaps I will some day do the same to a collared slave who attempts to escape from Me!

Having secured the slave and totally immobilised the body part to be branded, the ceremony can begin. The slave must continuously recite his slave mantra and vows of lifelong obedience to Me.

This moment always arouses and excites Me, as I look into his imploring but helpless eyes. I see the submission, the adoration, the total surrender. I see the abject fear in his eyes as he watches Me heat the iron in the flame until it glows red hot. I feel My total power over him as I hold the hot iron in front of his face and let him read the initials.

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The slave invariably screams and tries to struggle against the bonds that hold him. But he cannot move, he cannot escape the pain, the burning of My sacred mark into his flesh. The pain and soreness of My brand mark will fade; the wound will slowly heal, but My initials will always remain, a permanent reminder to him of his status as My personal property, more permanent and more symbolic than his chastity device, or his collar.

Until his dying day, or at least until I decide to sell him, he will remain My property and slave, just a possession, an object, existing only to serve Me and to worship Me.

The importance of work

Such is the power of the branding iron in the hands of a Superior Woman! There are other forms of branding, permanent and less permanent, which are at My disposal.A FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) / CRS (Common Reporting Standard) declaration was prepared by financial institutions/ intermediaries to comply with the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) rules.

What are the benefits of group work? “More hands make for lighter work.” “Two heads are better than one.” “The more the merrier.” These adages speak to the potential groups have to be more productive, creative, and motivated than individuals on their own.

X ~~~~~ The Importance of Miranda By~Panda Bear. Self-Incrimination ~ Right to Know the Nature of the Investigation ~ Warrantless Search~ Notable Cases ~ What is "in loco parentis"? "You have the Right to remain silent, anything you say. A central tenet of agile is to avoid working in phases.

On an agile project, There is no analysis phase followed by a design phase followed by a coding phase and ultimately a testing phase. Instead work overlaps in what is commonly called concurrent engineering. For example, as a user interface is. The National Labor Relations Board is an independent federal agency that protects the rights of private sector employees to join together, with or without a union, to improve their wages and working conditions.

Oct 22,  · Here are a few ways you can achieve a work-life balance that works for you, so you don’t end up burned out and overwhelmed, and so you don’t put your health at risk.

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