The usps problem

Foundations[ edit ] Running pony logo used by the U. These early attempts were of small scale and usually involved a colony, Massachusetts Bay Colony for example, setting up a location in Boston where one could post a letter back home to England. Other attempts focused on a dedicated postal service between two of the larger colonies, such as Massachusetts and Virginia, but the available services remained limited in scope and disjointed for many years.

The usps problem

This is the "Parcel" small pkg rate. Don't buy insurance unless you have receipt or written proof of value. When they ask you "Is it over 12 inches? No longer available on-line to the American public. Not to mention, you can do this online and we can't. Do you use https: I heard they didn't do 1st class pkgs at all, but small-volume individuals could use them, and they had good prices for on-line Priority.

We send parcels by post, but not by Parcel Post. Parcel Post was abolished on 27 January and became "Standard Post". Standard Post was abolished on 17 January and became "Retail Ground".

The usps problem

Ground shipments 1st Class go by Air, of course. When Parcel Post Select is purchased online, it includes free tracking. Length plus girth for Parcel Post Select is 84 inches max. No even Priority will accept your package. You have to register. If over 13 oz and going overseas, you want "First-Class Package International Service" good up to 4 lbs.

After that, try Priority Mail International's flat rate boxes limited to 20 lbs to most countries; see International section next. Maximum post office lengths: Take 2 inches off the max length for every inch looser than a 3 inch diameter roll-up.We make moving easy!

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The usps problem

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Sep 04,  · Sellers, All you defenders of the USPS, how do you explain this event currently ongoing with one of my book orders?

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I sell a book, give a free upgrade from Media Mail to First Class Mail shipping from Longmont, CO to Cedar Rapids, IA. Find USPS Locations. Buy Stamps. Schedule a Pickup.

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The Postal Inspection Service will contact you only if more information is needed. We gather data on mail-related crime to determine whether a violation has occurred. While we can’t guarantee we can recover lost money or items, your information can help alert Postal Inspectors to problem areas and possibly prevent others from being victimized.

Oct 01,  · The obvious solution to the Postal Service's problems that no one notices The Postal Service's fundamental problem is that Congress persists in thinking of it as a business, despite crystal.

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