Writing a feature article about someone with a disability

Collection of lists of famous and well known people with various disabilities and conditions including actors, politicians and writers who contributed to society. A disability can be present from birth, or occur during a person's lifetime. Have a disability or medical condition?

Writing a feature article about someone with a disability

Contact Us Guidelines for Writing and Referring to People with Disabilities Do not refer to a disability or condition unless it is crucial to your subject and relates to the full understanding of your listener or reader.

Avoid portraying as superhuman the accomplishments of a person with a disability. This inadvertently implies that a person with a disability lacks or has very limited skills, talents, or unusual gifts.

Guidelines for Writing About People With Disabilities | ADA National Network

Such expressions convey negative connotations. Instead, use terminology such as: Avoid comparing a disability with a disease. Appropriate Terminology for Specific Disabilities Listed below are preferred words that reflect a positive attitude in portraying disabilities: Describes a condition in which a person has a loss of vision for ordinary life purposes.

Describes damage to the skin which permanently alters its appearance.

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Rather than say burn victim say burn survivor or person with a burn injury. Deafness refers to a profound degree of hearing loss that prevents understanding speech though the ear. Hearing impaired and hearing loss are generic terms used by some individuals to indicate any degree of hearing loss--from mild to profound.

These terms include people who are hard of hearing and deaf.

Guidelines for Writing About People With Disabilities | ADA National Network

However, some individuals completely disfavor the term hearing impaired. Others prefer to use deaf or hard of hearing.

Hard of hearing refers to a mild to moderate hearing loss that may or may not be corrected with amplification. Use women who is deaf, boy who is hard of hearing, individuals with hearing losses, people who are hearing impaired.

It may refer to a physical, sensory, or mental condition. Use as a descriptive noun or adjective, such as person living with AIDS, woman who is blind. Impairment refers to loss or abnormality of an organ or body mechanism, which may result in disability. Not a synonym for disability.

Some individuals prefer inaccessible or not accessible to describe social and environmental barriers. Handicap can be used when citing laws and situations but should not be used to describe a disability.

Do not refer to people with disabilities as the handicapped or handicapped people.Articles Archive to Thank you to the many author's who shared their experiences, discussed innovations and raised awareness on a wide range of topics from living with a disability, accessible travel, disability arts, assistive technology, recreation and more long before the popularity of personal blogs made this possible.

However, just because someone was quoted in a story does not mean the story represented the person with a disability in a non-stigmatizing way, especially in feature stories.

Lists of Famous People With Disability

For example, the Los Angeles Times turned what could have been an informative feature on changes in peopleâs lives due to new AIDS medications into a ãsupercripä story. Sep 28,  · A free collection of articles about disabilities published in The New York Times.

Feature Searching for a Lost Odessa — and a Deaf Childhood A Front-Page Insult to People With. Reporting and Writing About Disabilities The following guidelines are suggestions for using language in a more sensitive manner that avoids reducing individuals to a series of labels, symptoms, or medical terms.

Tips for writing a features article Don't worry if you have never written an article before, read some top tips for people who are brand new to feature writing Wed 27 Mar EDT. How To Write a Feature Article Story About Someone can be a valuable skill to add to any author's arsenal.

writing a feature article about someone with a disability

Whether you are writing for your own platform or for others, this course will teach you how to write a great feature article that doesn’t just report facts, but that tells a story in your own voice.

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