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The son of a pastor, [2] Agassiz was educated first at home, he then spent four years of secondary school in Bienneentering in and completing his elementary studies in Lausanne. In he received the degree of doctor of philosophy at Erlangenand in that of doctor of medicine at Munich.

Writing apistogramma

In nature they are usually observed in small, clear streams with a rocky substrate. The Cuareim Basin dries up considerably during the writing apistogramma, when rains are scarce.

Many of these watercourses become small ponds for the duration of the dry season. Here the fish endure high temperatures and extreme competition for food and territory. It is common to find Gymnogeophagus sp.

During the summer, all of these cichlid compete for survival together in small, isolated habitats! When the rains become more abundant and the rivers flow writing apistogramma more, this fish will re-colonize the entire stream again.

In captivity, this is an easily kept subject that eagerly feeds on anything offered. They will spawn readily in aquaria. They are a very tall-bodied species.

writing apistogramma

Like all mouthbrooding species from UruguayG. The males present a huge adipose nuchal hump and bright colors during their reproductive time, while the females are colorless and remain smaller. All gymnos in Uruguay breed from November to January which is most of the Uruguayan summer.

Females holding fry in their mouths are frequently captured during these months. Felipe, Stan, and the other collectors will always return these brooding females while collecting in the field.

Thanks to the extremely unique appearance of this species, G. Breeding in captivity has been well documented. Roughly eggs are laid after both parents have cleaned off a suitable spawning site usually a flat stone.

After 24 to 36 hours, just before the eggs hatch, the female will take the eggs in her mouth known as delayed mouthbrooding. At this time, the male abandons the female, leaving her to guard the fry by herself.

They are majestically shaped, very peaceful, and will not uproot plants in their enclosure. Gymnogeophagus australis The distribution of this species within Uruguay remains somewhat murky.

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More field explorations need to be implemented to ascertain whether G. These are perhaps the least studied of the described Gymnogeophagus species. The reason for this is that their distribution range remains unclear—the scarce presence of these individuals in the fish collections and museums of the region also hamper information regarding this species.

Appearing similar to G. Males in the reproductive season gain a strong yellow coloration in their nuchal hump and red dorsal and caudal fins.Louis Agassiz was born in Môtier (now part of Haut-Vully) in the canton of Fribourg, regardbouddhiste.com son of a pastor, Agassiz was educated first at home, he then spent four years of secondary school in Bienne, entering in and completing his elementary studies in regardbouddhiste.com adopted medicine as his profession, Agassiz studied successively at the universities of Zürich, Heidelberg.

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writing apistogramma

A vast number of aquatic species have successfully adapted to live in the freshwater regardbouddhiste.com list gives some examples of the most common species found in home aquariums.

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